The Young Leadership Council (YLC) of Penn Medicine’s Basser Center for BRCA was founded in 2016. The YLC is a forum for young adults who are BRCA-affected to engage with the mission of the Basser Center, stay informed about the latest advances in BRCA-related cancer research and care, and provide a community for support. Members of the YLC are passionate about changing the options that currently exist for generations to come, and serve as the next generation of leadership volunteers, advocates, and supporters of the Basser Center. The YLC is dedicated to advocating on behalf of the Center, raising awareness about BRCA-related cancer research and patient care, as well as the Center’s outreach and education initiatives, including Black & BRCA and Latinos & BRCA. In addition, the YLC gives out an annual Young Investigator Award, a grant which funds the work of an early career scientist at the Basser Center.

To learn about how to become involved in the Young Leadership Council of the Basser Center for BRCA contact Carolyn Brown or call 215.573.0550.

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