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Risk-Reducing Mastectomy in BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers

Journal of the American Medical Association

Basser Center Executive Director Susan Domchek, MD, discusses the complex issue of risk-reducing mastectomy in BRCA mutation carriers in an editorial for the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Jon Gray

Blackstone COO Jonathan Gray On Giving To Education, Cancer Research


Basser Center founders Mindy and Jon Gray have a well-deserved spot on Forbes' annual list of top 50 philanthropists. "In total, Gray has given over $120 million in his lifetime, primarily to cancer research and health and education in New York City."

Evening of Storytelling Speaks to Future of Cancer Research

Cure Magazine

The Basser Center's Young Leadership Council recently hosted a storytelling event featuring personal stories from three individuals touched by BRCA mutations, which all spoke to the promising future that research will provide for future patients and the newly BRCA-positive population. 

When Is It Time To Get Preventative Surgeries To Avoid Cancer?


Basser Center Executive Director Susan Domchek, MD, joins KJZZ's The Show for an episode devoted to genetic testing, preventative surgery, and raising awareness of hereditary breast cancer.


With CRISPR, Scientists Engineered Nearly 4,000 Mutations of a Breast-Cancer Gene

The Atlantic

Using CRISPR, a team assessed 3,893 otherwise unstudied mutations of BRCA1, which normally suppresses cancerous tumors, but can be rendered ineffective when they’re mutated. 

New York Post

How Men Can Be Affected by the BRCA Gene, Too

New York Post

Basser’s Susan Domchek, MD, and Penn Medicine patient Steven Merlin, whose participation in groundbreaking clinical trials using PARP inhibitor drugs has kept him cancer-free for six years, comment on how BRCA mutations affect men.

The club where no one has cancer — yet

The Lily

Basser Young Leadership Council member Suzanne Zupello recently penned this personal piece on the importance of support communities for those with BRCA mutations for The Lily.

Phil Basser

Centenarian Eagles Fan Becomes Social Media Star

Jewish Exponent

The Basser family patriarch, Phil Basser, father to the Center's co-founder Mindy Gray and Basser Global Prize co-founder Shari Potter, is featured in the Jewish Exponent for his century of loving Philadelphia football.

DNA results

Free Panel to Explore Living with Inherited Cancer Risk

The San Diego Tribune

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports on our upcoming panel on hereditary cancer and BRCA in La Jolla, California.

Rucaparib Induces Response in BRCA-Mutated Pancreatic Cancer


Basser Executive Director, Susan Domchek, MD, discusses the challenges of treating pancreatic cancer, the role of BRCA mutations in malignancies other than breast or ovarian cancers, and the broader role of PARP inhibitors for this patient population.


At-Home DNA Tests are Changing How Patients See Themselves


WHYY's The Pulse sat down with Dana Clark, MS, LCGC, a genetic counselor in the Basser Center, to learn how these services are affecting decisions and outlooks on health.

Pilot Program Offers Free Genetic Testing for Ashkenazi Jews to Detect Cancer Risk


Basser Executive Director, Susan Domchek, MD, explains the recently began BRCA Founder Outreach Study (BFOR) with the Cleveland Jewish News.

Ovarian Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Pancreatic Cancer Patients with BRCA Mutation

Penn Medicine News

A targeted therapy that has shown its power in fighting ovarian cancer in women, including those with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations, may also help patients with aggressive pancreatic cancer who harbor these mutations and have few or no other treatment options.

Beyond BRCA: Examining Links between Breast Cancer, Second Primary Cancer and Inherited Genetic Mutations

Penn Medicine News

Rates of inherited mutations in genes other than BRCA are twice as high in breast cancer patients who have had a second primary cancer – including, in some cases, different types of breast cancer – compared to patients who have only had a single breast cancer. 

Angelina Jolie

The ‘Jolie Effect’ Was A Game-Changer For Breast Cancer, But It Was Just A Start

Huffington Post

Basser Young Leadership Council Co-Chair Erika Stallings contributed this opinion piece to Huffington Post on the future of BRCA testing and on-going challenges, such as difficulties regarding access to genetic counseling and testing.


Using Telemedicine to Bring Genetic Counseling to Community Cancer Care

Penn Medicine News

Genetic counseling for cancer patients has become standard of care at academic medical centers. Video and phone sessions can bring genetic counseling to patients who would not otherwise have the chance to receive it, according to a new study from the Basser Center.

PARP Drugs Help Some Breast Cancer Patients, But They’re No Magic Bullet


Forbes spoke with Susan Domchek, MD, Executive Director of the Basser Center, about how a woman with advanced breast cancer might choose among treatment options, and the latest data available on the effectiveness and safety of PARP inhibitors.

Ovarian tumor scan

PARP-1 May be Key to Effectiveness of PARP Inhibitors, and Now Researchers Can Image It

Penn Medicine News

Penn Medicine researchers, including Basser's Roger Greenberg, PhD, MD, have used CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology to isolate a key genetic feature that could cause resistance to PARP inhibitors in patients with ovarian cancer.