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Dr. Domchek on Potential Benefits of Biosimilars in Oncology


Susan Domchek, MD, Executive Director of the Basser Center, discusses the potential benefits of biosimilars in oncology. Biosimilars are like "generic" medications; they are officially approved versions of innovative, original products.

Broadening Criteria for BRCA1/2 Evaluation Placing the USPSTF Recommendation in Context

Journal of the American Medical Association

For the Journal of the American Medical Association, Basser executive director Susan Domchek, MD, and Memorial Sloan Kettering's Mark Robson, MD, discuss limitations around the new United States Preventive Services Task Force guidelines for BRCA genetic testing.

Identification and Confirmation of Potentially Actionable Germline Mutations in Tumor-Only Genomic Sequencing

American Society of Clinical Oncology Journal

Basser Center genetic counselors and investigators teamed up to analyze publicly available data for genes in which mutations are implicated in germline cancer susceptibility and establish a pipeline to automate clinical referral for evaluation of tumor-only genetic profiling.

Erika Stallings

Women proudly model bikinis after body-changing battles

New York Post

Basser Young Leadership co-chair Erika Stallings is featured in a body awareness piece from the New York Post, where she discusses life after a preventive mastectomy.

Katherine Nathanson

Deputy Director of Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center Receives $3 Million Grant from The Gray Foundation

Penn Medicine News

Katherine L. Nathanson, MD, has been awarded a $3 million research grant from the Gray Foundation, which will support Nathanson and her team as they study new approaches to understanding immune function both in healthy BRCA mutation carriers and BRCA-related cancers.

Mindy and Jon Gray

Blackstone President Jonathan Gray Donates $25 Million To Tackle Deadly Breast Cancer Gene


Basser Center founders Mindy and Jon Gray have announced a further $25 million in funding for BRCA-related research. The grants will be split among seven research teams across the globe.

Reader's Digest

16 Things Doctors Wish You Knew About Breast Cancer Genetic Testing

Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest shares a helpful list of what doctors wish you knew about breast cancer and genetic testing (including a Basser Center mention).

Trial Highlights Complexities of Targeted Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer

National Cancer Institute

Susan Domchek, MD, executive director of the Basser Center for BRCA, discusses the state of research showing PARP inhibitors can be effective for pancreatic patients with BRCA mutations.

How Should Patients and Providers Interpret the US Food and Drug Administration’s Regulatory Language for Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests?

Journal of Clinical Oncology

In the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Basser Executive Director Susan Domchek, MD, discusses at-home genetic testing and the FDA’s regulatory language, which might confuse not only consumers, but also medical providers who are asked to interpret results and make clinical recommendations.

Alejandra Campoverdi

How Alejandra Campoverdi Outwitted Breast Cancer While Helping Women Save Their Own Lives

People En Espanol

Alejandra Campoverdi shares her story with People En Espanol and discusses her BRCA2 mutation, her recent preventative mastectomy, and her brand new collaboration with the Basser Center: LATINX & BRCA, the first BRCA-related awareness campaign focused on the Latinx community.

Penn Research Provides Insight into Genetic Link to Potential Treatment Response Among BRCA1/2 Breast Cancer Patients

Penn Medicine News

New findings from Penn Medicine researchers, including the study’s senior author, Basser’s Katherine L. Nathanson, MD, provide clues about immune response of tumors in patients with BRCA-related breast cancers. The research could shape treatment strategies and clinical trials.

I Had a Preventive Mastectomy—Then Found Out I Already Had Breast Cancer

Yahoo Lifestyle

Alejandra Campoverdi, who has partnered with the Basser Center for our LATINX & BRCA initiative, speaks about her recent preventative mastectomy.

Doctors Outline New Discoveries in the Fight to Cure Ovarian Cancer

Main Line Times

Mainline Media News profiles the work of Dr. Ronny Drapkin, the Basser Center's Director of Gynecologic Cancer Research.

Medical illustration

How to Quell a Cytokine Storm: International Team Finds New Ways to Dampen an Overactive Immune System

Penn Medicine News

Researchers at Penn Medicine and University of Leeds, co-led by the Basser's Roger Greenberg, MD, PhD, have deciphered the structure of a multipart, molecular complex that is also responsible for regulating the immune system and have found new molecular targets for fighting autoimmunity.

Philadelphia Inquirer

Pancreatic cancer treatments show promise in studies, Penn reports

Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer highlights a Penn Medicine and Basser Center study, led by Kim Reiss Binder, MD, an assistant professor of Hematology-Oncology, which examines PARP inhibitors in patients with BRCA mutations.


Ask the Expert: Senior Genetic Counselor, Dana Clark, Explains BRCA Gene Mutations

Health Central

Basser Center genetic counselor Dana Farengo Clark, MS, LCGC, helps to explain BRCA mutations and the process of genetic testing and counseling.

Taking the Uncertainty Out of Interpreting BRCA Variants

Journal of the American Medical Association

Basser Executive Director Susan Domchek, MD, discusses a new resource with JAMA that may help guide clinical decision-making related to BRCA genetic mutations.

Susan Domchek

Lead Researcher Discusses Durvalumab/Olaparib Combo in Breast Cancer


Basser Center Executive Director Susan Domchek, MD, discusses the role of specific PARP inhibitors in an ongoing breast cancer trial.