This year’s Black History Month, the Basser Center for BRCA’s Black & BRCA initiative is not only striving to empower Black communities through awareness and education, it is also emphasizing its outreach to healthcare providers. Clinicians play a key role in filling gaps in knowledge about hereditary cancer risks and what patients can do to prevent cancer from one generation to the next.

Please join Black & BRCA in empowering generations of Black families by checking out these helpful educational resources created in partnership with patient advocates, researchers, and healthcare professionals at the Basser Center: 

BRCA Fact Sheet
Find general information about BRCA genetic mutations and risk factors for BRCA-related cancer summarized in this one-page downloadable document. Our Men and BRCA Fact Sheet also aims to dispel common myths about men’s risks for hereditary cancer.  

Common Myths about Cancer and Genetics Fact Sheet
Also debunking myths in the cancer genetics community, this fact sheet clarifies the facts and highlights a few common misconceptions about racial health disparities. 

Collect Your Family History Form
This tool will help patients begin a conversation with their family and collect information about cancer in their family. It can be printed out or completed digitally. 

Mastectomy Surgery Advice Checklist
Members of the Basser Center Leadership Council and Young Leadership Council understand how helpful it is to those preparing for breast surgery to hear first-hand from those who have already gone through it. They’ve compiled their advice and suggestions in this useful checklist. 

Also be sure to visit our Black & BRCA page, where you can find more relevant resources and stay up to date on the latest news impacting Black patients and families.