At the Basser Center for BRCA, we know that education is one of our most powerful tools for the prevention of BRCA-related cancers. It is estimated that there may be one million individuals in the U.S. with a BRCA mutation and that only 10% of these individuals are aware of their mutation. Both men and women can inherit and pass on a BRCA mutation. Our goal at the Basser Center is to educate the other 90% so that individuals and families are empowered with knowledge and options.

This spring, we launched a new risk factors tool to help people better understand their risk of having a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation. This two-minute quiz is designed to help understand cancer risk and help facilitate conversations with primary care physicians. 

We also launched a first-of-its kind "Ad Takeovers" campaign aimed at bringing information about BRCA gene mutations to the forefront. The campaign messaging takes an unexpected turn from a traditional ad to one about BRCA gene mutations, ultimately directing the viewer to learn more at the Basser Center.

Through TV, radio, print, and out of home ads such as billboards, we hope to capture the attention of all viewers and listeners. See the full campaign here and help us share widely.

Basser Center co-founder Mindy Gray has declared that she hopes to make 2021 the “Year of BRCA Awareness” and these efforts are integral to our goal of ensuring that ALL individuals have access to life-saving information about their health. “With the launch of the marketing campaign and quiz, and through our LATINX & BRCA and Black & BRCA initiatives, the Basser Center for BRCA is more committed than ever to broadcasting awareness across the world,” Mindy says. “I invite you all to join us in this important work by taking the quiz, and sharing with your family and friends to help spread awareness and save lives!”