Stacey Sager

Stacey Sager is a member of the Basser Center Advisory Board. She is an Emmy award winning reporter at WABC-TV, 'Eyewitness News,' where she has covered news in the tri-state area since 1996. She is also a BRCA1 mutation carrier and a survivor of two cancers, and a concerned mother of two.

Stacey was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 30, and had a bilateral mastectomy. At 42, she went in for prophylactic surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. That's when doctors found a pre-invasive ovarian cancer in her fallopian tubes.

Stacey speaks out often on how that surgery saved her life, and about the power of genetic testing. She remains dedicated to finding better answers for BRCA mutation carriers in the future, and has been actively involved with many organizations that work to create awareness about BRCA, breast and ovarian cancers, including FORCETeal WalkSharsheret, and the American Cancer Society.