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Breakthroughs and Discoveries Panel 2021

View our virtual panel featuring internationally renowned experts in the field of BRCA-related cancer research and care. Learn about how discoveries in the lab impact patient care.

BRCA101: An Educational Panel

Watch the recording of BRCA101: An Educational Panel, presented by the Basser Young Leadership Council. What is a BRCA gene? Do BRCA mutations affect women and men differently? What is genetic counseling and when should you undergo it? These questions and more are answered, and two YLC members and BRCA gene mutation carriers, Louis Abrams and Jourdan Cohen, share their personal stories. The panel was moderated by YLC co-chair Suzanne Zuppello and includes Basser genetic counselor Kelsey Spielman, MS, LCGC.

A BRCA Family Affair: Susan Domchek, MD in Conversation with Ali Rogin and Her Parents

Learn about one family's journey with BRCA in this discussion between Basser Center Executive Director Susan Domchek, MD, Ali Rogin (author of Beat Breast Cancer Like A Boss) and her parents, Rebecca and Max Weinberg (drummer for the E Street Band).

Racial Health Disparities in the United States

The Basser Center for BRCA's Young Leadership Council presents a panel on racial health disparities, moderated by women's health advocate Alejandra Campoverdi, with the participation of Basser oncologist Payal Shah, MD, and Basser Young Leadership Council members Ashley Dedmon and Nicole Garcia.

Navigating the World of Fertility and Family Planning

In November 2020, the Basser Young Leadership Council presented a virtual panel, Navigating the World of Fertility and Family Planning. The panel featured Basser YLC members Mackenzie Dougherty and Lindsay Goldblatt, as well as clinicians Haley Moss, MD, MBA, Basser Center genetic counselor Danielle McKenna MS, LCGC, and system chief for reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Northwell Health, Nicole Noyes, MD.