The Basser Center has an extensive library of video resources on everything from scientist Q&As to event videos, educational panels, introductory information about BRCA, and much more.

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About BRCA & the Basser Center

Raising Awareness of BRCA and Hereditary Cancer in Latino Communities

Alejandra Campoverdi, patient advocate and co-founder of the Basser Center's LATINX & BRCA initiative, discusses the importance of raising awareness of hereditary cancer in the Latinx community.

BRCA Basics & Path to Progress

The traits we inherit from our family define us in countless ways. Sometimes what we inherit remains hidden, like BRCA gene mutations, which can increase your risk for developing certain type of cancers.

Replacing Fear with Hope

Narrated by Cobie Smulders, this video shares how the Basser Center is replacing fear with hope for families impacted by BRCA gene mutations. 

Events & Programs

BRCA101: An Educational Panel

Watch BRCA101: An Educational Panel, presented by the Basser Young Leadership Council and moderated by YLC co-chair Suzanne Zuppello. What is a BRCA gene? What is genetic counseling and when should you undergo it? These questions and more are answered.

A BRCA Family Affair: Susan Domchek, MD in Conversation with Ali Rogin and Her Parents

Learn about one family's journey with BRCA in this discussion between Basser Center Executive Director Susan Domchek, MD, Ali Rogin (author of Beat Breast Cancer Like A Boss) and her parents, Rebecca and Max Weinberg (drummer for the E Street Band).

Navigating the World of Fertility and Family Planning

The Basser Young Leadership Council presented a virtual panel, Navigating the World of Fertility and Family Planning. The panel featured Basser YLC members Mackenzie Dougherty and Lindsay Goldblatt, as well as clinicians Haley Moss, MD, MBA, Basser Center genetic counselor Danielle McKenna MS, LCGC, and system chief for reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Northwell Health, Nicole Noyes, MD.

Ask a Clinician

Ask Dr. Domchek: Ovarian Cancer Surveillance & More

Basser Center Executive Director Susan Domchek, MD, answers a series of frequently asked questions. She discusses ovarian cancer surveillance, BRCA mutations in the Ashkenazi Jewish community, COVID vaccines, and more.

Research Innovations in BRCA-Related Prostate Cancer

Penn Medicine oncologist and Basser Center researcher Vivek Narayan, MD, MS, discusses BRCA-related prostate cancer treatment, recent scientific innovations, and the importance of philanthropy.

Ask a Genetic Counselor: BRCA & Men

Basser Center Genetic Counselor Jacquelyn Powers, MS, LCGC, discusses the basic of BRCA mutations in men and shares helpful information like associated cancer risk and typical screening recommendations.

Scientist Interviews

The Origins of Ovarian Cancer: From TP53 to STIC Lesions

Basser Director of Gynecologic Research, Ronny Drapkin, MD, PhD, discusses the cellular origins of ovarian cancer in the fallopian tubes.

Basser Young Leadership Council Interview with Ben Black, PhD

The Basser Young Leadership Council speaks to Ben Black, PhD, of Penn Medicine's Biochemistry and Biophysics department, about recent advancements in breast cancer research.

The Importance of BRCA Research: Ovarian Cancer and the Fallopian Tubes

Basser Director of Gynecologic Cancer Research, Ronny Drapkin, MD, PhD, discusses the relationship between ovarian cancer and the fallopian tubes and highlights the importance of BRCA-related cancer research.

Jean Bash

2019 Basser Jean Bash Recap

The Basser Jean Bash fundraiser on November 18, 2019, raised $9 million to support BRCA-related cancer research and featured Nina Garcia, editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine and judge on Project Runway.

Basser Jean Bash 2019: Mindy and Jon Gray

Basser Center founders Mindy and Jon Gray spoke at the biennial Basser Jean Bash fundraiser in Manhattan on November 18, 2019, which raised $9 million to support BRCA-related cancer research.

Basser Jean Bash 2019: Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia, editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine and judge on Project Runway, spoke at the 2019 Basser Jean Bash fundraiser and helped launch the LATINX & BRCA initiative to raise awareness of hereditary cancer in Latino communities.